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Author: William Barnes
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Edin Books

Product description
From the Author
You only THINK you know how the story ends!
I'm so glad you've 'come aboard' to take a look at I Built the Titanic: Past Life Memories of a Master Shipbuilder. This book has a two-fold dedication.

First, I dedicate it to the memory of Thomas Andrews, Titanic's builder. He took great pains to build a safe ship, but was over-ruled at every step of the way by the White Star Line. I hope to clear his name of any possible blame for the Titanic disaster.

Next, and more and of more importance, I dedicate my book to you readers who may be experiencing recollections or double memories of a past life. No. You're not crazy. I have seen first hand, that as modern psychology progresses, it is giving serious attention to present life emotional issues, that may have a past life connection. If you believe in reincarnation or not, it doesn't matter. By putting I Built the Titanic into your shopping cart, you are guaranteed to hear a gripping first-person account of one man's futile fight against politics, arrogance and greed. You will learn of a man's love for his wife and child, and of his devotion to a mistress made of cold, hard steel.

As I said earlier, you only THINK you know how this story ends. There is much more to be told about Titanic before and after her maiden voyage, that only the man who built her can tell.
Author: Commodore Robert G. Thelwell O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R. (Retd.)
Genre: Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable
Publisher: Arthur Baker Limited

The author is a first class raconteur, and recalls his fifty years afloat in an anecdote-packed, lively manner. He has sailed in the 'Aquitania', the old 'Mauretania', the ill-fated 'Lancastria', the 'Franconia', and the new 'Mauretania', and since 1951, as captain, of the 'Caronia', the 'Queen Mary' and the 'Queen Elizabeth'. He discusses famous passengers, crime and smuggling, storms at sea, suicides and burials, and the routine of life at sea

Author: Monica O'Hara- Keeton
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Pharaoh Press

The story of a past life as a victim of the Titanic disaster recounted under regressive hypnosis.

Author: John Dempsey
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Waterfront Publications

Author: Nicholas Rankin
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Faber & Faber

Faber & Faber trade edition paperback fine condition. In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
Author: Edwin Black
Genre: History
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

little brown hb/dj,2001 1st edition


Author: Gerald L Duskin, Ralph Segman
Genre: History
Publisher: Crecy Publishing

One of the greatest David and Goliath stories in the history of sea battles. 2005, 253pp

Publisher: GESTE

Eric Lescaudron has been retired since June 2008. He is now a correspondent for Presse-Océan in the town of Pornichet. Sports, literature and travel remain his passions, to which is added that of writing. His first collective work was published in November 2009 on the memory of the old: "Workers of the Estuary". He lives in Pornichet. Bruno Rossetti is a descendant of the Italian community who emigrated to Saint-Nazaire in 1924. His grandfather worked at the Chantiers de Penhoët in Ile-de-France and Normandy, as for his father, he continued the family tradition on the liner France. His career led him to be sales manager for the professional markets of the Ouest France-Infomer group. His universe is therefore information, it is this passion that pushed him to tell with enthusiasm this epic of shipbuilding, confused with his own history.

Eric Lescaudron est à la retraite depuis juin 2008. Il est aujourd'hui correspondant de Presse-Océan sur la commune de Pornichet. Sports, littérature et voyages restent ses passions auxquelles s'ajoute celle d'écrire. Son premier ouvrage collectif est paru en novembre 2009 sur la mémoire des anciens : "Travailleurs de l'Estuaire". Il réside à Pornichet. Bruno Rossetti est un descendant de la communauté italienne qui émigra à Saint-Nazaire en 1924. Son grand-père a travaillé aux Chantiers de Penhoët sur Ile-de-France et Normandie, quant à son père, il poursuivit la tradition familiale sur le paquebot France. Sa carrière l'a amené à être responsable commercial auprès des marchés des professionnels du groupe Ouest France-Infomer. Son univers c'est donc l'information, c'est cette passion qui l'a poussé à raconter avec enthousiasme cette épopée de la construction navale, confondue avec sa propre histoire.
Author: Peter Sain Ley Berry
Genre: History
Publisher: CompletelyNovel

In the early morning of Saturday 22 May 1915 one thousand and twenty-eight officers and men of the 7th (Leith) Royal Scots set out for Gallipoli. Yet before they could leave Scotland the first of two trains taking them to Liverpool collided head-on with another train at Quintinshill, near Gretna and almost immediately a Glasgow-bound express ran into the wreck. The wooden carriages then caught fire. Only 468 soldiers disembarked at Gallipoli a month later and by the time the Gallipoli expedition was abandoned only 119 men remained. Drawn from contemporary accounts 'The Ill-Fated Battalion' traces the story of these soldiers, describing their twin tragedies of Gretna and Gallipoli and the inquiries, inquests and criminal trials that followed the railway disaster.
Author: Kevin Lane
Genre: Reference
Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing

NO Dust Jacket, Plain Outer wrapped in heavy cling film
Author: CORNWELL, E.L. (Edited by)

Author: Edited by E. L. Cornwell
Genre: History
Publisher: New English Library


The Illustrated London News - Bound Magazines - January - June 1953

The Illustrated London News - Bound Magazines - July to December 1954
Author: Carol Drinkwater
Genre: Women
Publisher: W&N

A glorious affirmation of life lived to its fullest, as the delights of Olive farming are richly recounted, as Appasionata, the beautiful Provençal olive farm is sumptuously described and illustrated. Local customs, hidden beaches, fairs, seasons, and the off the beaten track way of Provençal life, accompany an engaging cast of characters, presenting us with a truly enviable way of life. (non)
Author: Carol Drinkwater
Genre: Travel Writing Reference
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

A sumptuously illustrated companion to the bestselling Olive Farm trilogy. Carol Drinkwater, whose three books—The Olive Farm, The Olive Season, and The Olive Harvest—sold more than a quarter of a million copies in the UK alone, has produced an entirely new volume documenting life on Appassionata, the farm she shares with her husband Michel. Many of the well-loved locations and a large cast of engaging characters make an appearance, and the local customs, hidden beaches, fairs, culinary pleasures, and off-the-beaten track charms of Provence all receive lovingly detailed attention. Carol’s passion and joy will enchant armchair travelers and fans of her earlier works.  
Author: Archibald Gracie
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Amberley Publishing

The first fully illustrated version of Archibald Gracie's memoir Titanic Survivor. Archibald Gracie was an American author returning home from Europe aboard the Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage.
Author: Jack Cantwell
Genre: World War II 1939-1945
Publisher: The Stationery Office Books

Author: Andy Mcnab
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Corgi

Author: Andy McNab
Manufacturer: Corgi
Author: Malcolm Brown
Genre: World War I
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

Author: Imperial War Museum
Genre: History
Publisher: Leo Cooper Ltd

Author: Jeffery Grayer
Genre: Reference
Publisher: Noodle Books

Author: Doug Stanton
Genre: History
Publisher: Bantam Press

Returning to America after delivering the fatal bomb for Gnola Gay, The USS Indianapolis was out of radio contact when it was torpedoed. Consequently its sinking remained undetected by the Navy for nearly five days as the 900 survivors of the impact were lost into the Pacific Ocean to face savage seas, hypothermia and sharks. Of the 1196 men on board, only 316 survived. Interweaving the stories of three survivors - the Captain, the ship's doctor and a young marine - this is an account of a little-known chapter in World War II history.
Author: John Nolan
Genre: Biography
Publisher: America Star Books

Author: John Nolan
Genre: Biography
Publisher: America House Book Publishers

The author researches the life of a mysterious relative who survived the sinking of Titanic. Ever since he was a boy, John Nolan heard family members mention an "Uncle Paddy" who was on Titanic and somehow survived. No one knew much else about the man or what became of him. After launching his own investigation and collecting information bits and pieces at a time, the author was stunned to learn that his great uncle, Patrick O'Keefe of Waterford, Ireland, was one of the men who survived by swimming through the freezing water to the famous upturned lifeboat, Collapsible B. O'Keefe was joined on the "raft," as he called it, by Titanic's Second Officer Charles Lightoller, Junior Wireless Operator Harold Bride, American Army Colonel Archibald Gracie, first class passenger Jack Thayer, and Titanic's chief baker Charles Joughin. In the course of his research, John Nolan finds long-lost relatives, including Pat O'Keefe's only son, and discovers his own Irish roots as well. Includes photos.
Author: Stephen M. Cullen
Genre: History
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military

What was the Home Guard? Who were the men and women who served in it? And what can be said of their real role and significance once the popular myths have been stripped away? Despite the fame of the Home Guard - of Dad's Army - the true story of this wartime organization tends to be neglected. The myths obscure the reality. Stephen Cullen's aim in this thoroughgoing new study is to cut through the misunderstandings in order to reassess the Home Guard and its contribution to Britain's war effort - and to deepen our understanding of the men and women who were members of it. He sets the Home Guard in the long historical context of domestic defence planning, then focuses on the preparations made before the outbreak of the Second World War. In detail he traces the changing role of the Home Guard during its wartime existence as it adapted to meet the multitude of challenges it faced - from civil defence and intelligence gathering to training for guerrilla warfare. Using vivid eyewitness testimony and oral history, he takes a grassroots look at the men - and women - from all ages and social backgrounds who made up this national defence force. The equipment, uniforms, weapons and vehicles they used and the field defences they manned are described as their role developed over the course of the war. He also examines the evolution of popular views of the Home Guard from wartime days to the present - the notion of the People's Army, the thinking of early Home Guard commentators like George Orwell, and the writings of more recent historians who have sought to explain an organization that retains such an extraordinary hold on the popular imagination.
Author: Pat Milton
Genre: Health, Family & Lifestyle
Publisher: Random House Trade

Author: Jane Robinson
Genre: History
Publisher: Viking

Unmarried mothers, absent fathers, orphaned children - Jane Robinson's In the Family Way is a truly gripping book about long-buried secrets, family bonds and unlikely heroes.

Only a generation or two ago, illegitimacy was one of the most shameful things that could happen in a family. Unmarried mothers were considered immoral, single fathers feckless and bastard children inherently defective. They were hidden away from friends and relations as guilty secrets, punished by society and denied their place in the family tree.

Today, the concept of illegitimacy no longer exists in law, and babies' parents are as likely to be unmarried as married. This revolution in public opinion makes it easy to forget what it was really like to give birth, or be born, out of wedlock in the years between World War One and the dawn of the Permissive Age. By speaking to those involved - many of whom have never felt able to talk about their experiences before - Jane Robinson reveals a story not only of shame and appalling prejudice, but also of triumph and the every-day strength of the human spirit.

In the Family Way tells secrets kept for entire lifetimes and rescues from the shadows an important part of all our family histories. In it we hear long-silent voices from the workhouse, the Magdalene Laundry or the distant mother-and-baby home. Anonymous childhoods are recalled, spent in the care of Dr Barnardo or a Child Migration scheme halfway across the world.

There are sorrowful stories in this book, but it is also about hope: about supportive families who defied social expectations by welcoming 'love-children' home, or those who were parted and are now reconciled. Most of all, In the Family Way is about finally telling the truth.
Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Genre: History
Publisher: HarperCollins

The Number One best-selling, epic true-life story of one of the most notorious maritime disasters of the 19th century, beautifully reissued alongside Philbrick's new paperback, Sea of Glory. The sinking of the whaleship Essex by an enraged spermwhale in the Pacific in November 1820 set in motion one of the most dramatic sea stories of all time: the twenty sailors who survived the wreck took to three small boats (one of which was again attacked by a whale) and only eight of them survived their subsequent 90-day ordeal, after resorting to cannibalising their mates. Three months after the Essex was broken up, the whaleship Dauphin, cruising off the coast of South America, spotted a small boat in the open ocean. As they pulled alongside they saw piles of bones in the bottom of the boat, at least two skeletons' worth, with two survivors -- almost skeletons themselves -- sucking the marrow from the bones of their dead ship-mates.
Author: Noel Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Alkon Press

Great book with amazing info & pictures, reflections on a lost era in East Belfast.
A customer
22 July 2001
Format: Paperback
Author: Richard Seville
Genre: Reference
Publisher: Ferry Publications

Brings together a selection of photographs from across Southern Europe, from the traditional favourites such as Viking I and the Horsa to the lesser-known ferries. In this title, 45 vessels are captured in their liveries, and each vessel is accompanied by a photograph in its UK guise. It also illustrates text on the history of each vessel.
Author: Brian Lavery
Genre: History
Publisher: Conway

In Which They Served: The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War
Author: Elliott Hester
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Ebury Press

This collection of true stories by an air steward includes: 'When Fists Flew Over the San Juan Special', 'Lechery at 30,000 Feet', 'Conduct Unbecoming an Investment Banker', 'I Thought This Plane was Heading for Jamaica', 'The Thing About Turbulence', and 'Beer and Loathing in Caracas'
Author: Michel Brun
Genre: Asia
Publisher: Four Walls Eight Windows

Author: Jean-Claude Suares
Genre: Arts & Photography
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc

Author: Gretchen F. Coyle, Deborah C. Whitcraft
Publisher: Cormorant Books

It was the great disaster of the 1930s, a horrific experience for all those aboard the ill-fated liner Morro Castle. Sailing to New York from exotic, anything-goes Cuba, the luxurious cruise ship was filled with passengers finding an escape from the Great Depression. But after the parties ended and guests were packing their belongings preparing for their arrival home in the morning, the ship became a scene of panic as a raging fire quickly spread, killing 137 and sending many overboard.The aftermath literally floated into public view — center-stage on the beach at Asbury Park, where the Jersey Shore resort town filled with rescuers, press, and gawking curiosity-seekers from throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeast. The charred, smoldering, stranded ship quickly became a tourist attraction; hawkers sold souvenirs and photographs, and the dramatic story filled front pages for weeks.Controversy and intrigue surrounded the mysterious death of the captain, as well as the cause of the fire itself, and much of the mystery has endured for nearly eighty years. But for many of those who survived the tragedy, it was a closed subject; they rarely spoke of the events, and held the awful memories away from loved ones.In Inferno at Sea -- a large-format hardcover, filled with never-before-seen photographs -- we finally hear those personal accounts. Survivors tell their stories, family and friends share narratives of those lost that night, rescuers and volunteers all contribute to give us a rare glimpse into the events of September 8, 1934. The fading, maritime mystery of the Morro Castle fire remains, but those closest to the disaster speculate about what really happened, and we gain a new perspective on a famous and tragic New Jersey shipwreck.
Author: Christopher Fulton, Michelle Fulton, Dick Russell
Publisher: Trine Day

Christopher Fulton's journey began with the death of Evelyn Lincoln, late secretary to President John F. Kennedy. Through Lincoln, crucial evidence ended up in Christopher's hands--evidence that was going to be used to facilitate a new future for America. But the U.S. government's position was clear: that evidence had to be confiscated and classified, and the truth hidden away from the public. Christopher was sent to federal prison for years under a sealed warrant and indictment. The Inheritance, Christopher's personal narrative, shares insider information from his encounters with the Russian Government, President Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, the Clinton White House, the U.S. Justice Department, the Secret Service, and the Kennedy family themselves. It reveals the true intentions of Evelyn Lincoln and her secret promise to Robert Kennedy--and Christopher's secret promise to John F. Kennedy Jr. The Inheritance explodes with history-changing information and answers the questions Americans are still asking, while pulling them through a gauntlet of some of the worst prisons this country has to offer. This book thrillingly exposes the reality of American power, and sheds light on the dark corners of current corruption within the executive branch and the justice and prison systems.
Author: Ian McEwan
Genre: Crime, Thrillers & Mystery
Publisher: Vintage

Author: Michael Chinery
Genre: Science & Nature
Publisher: Collins

Barcode Differs
Author: Der Spiegel Magazine
Genre: History
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Some of the finest writing and reporting on the events of September 11 was done by Der Spiegel, Germany's magazine of record. With its main office in Hamburg, base of operations for terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta and many of the others, Der Spiegel's journalists were on the front lines of the earliest investigation into the identities of those who, on a cloudless summer's morning, brought Holy War to America.

The award-winning team from Spiegel was also at Ground Zero, talking to people, gathering stories, interviewing survivors, seeking the words that might express the interconnections of horror and heroism. The words came to them from those who had been inside and somehow gotten out, and take us as close as we can get to what happened. Combining first-class investigative journalism and writing of extraordinary clarity, Inside 9-11 is a heartbreaking and gripping reconstruction of the events that changed us all. No book can encompass what took place on 9-11. But here is one that gives it human dimension.
Author: Richard Deneut
Genre: Arts & Photography
Publisher: Konemann UK Ltd

Rare Book
Author: Richard Deneut
Genre: Arts & Photography
Publisher: Konemann UK Ltd

Rare Book
Author: Andrew Morton
Genre: Travel (Books)
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

This is a guide to the interior of Kensington Palace and the four royal households therein. It reveals intimate details of their everyday lives and how they behave when they think the world is not looking! The prince who sleeps with his teddy and the princess who likes to be seen by the "peasants" whilst driving are just two of the valuable pieces of information it contains. The author has been a Fleet Street royal correspondent for the last six years and has travelled extensively with members of the Royal Family. He has written "Duchess", a biography of the Duchess of York.
Author: Ken Marschall, Hugh Brewster
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Little Brown


Author: Edwin P. Hoyt
Genre: History
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd

The first full account of a major disaster deliberately concealed during Allied preperations for D-Day.
Author: Edwin P. Hoyt
Genre: History
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd

The first full account of a major disaster deliberately concealed during the Allied preparation for D-Day. Operation Tiger on Slapton Sands was one of the giant military exercises off the Devonshire coast conducted by the Allied armed forces in preparation for D-day. When part of the training force was surprised by nine German E-boats with heavy loss of life extraordinary measures where taken. Over 700 Americans were hastily buried and news of the attack was concealed. Security for the whole D-Day mission was threatened and confidence that Britain and America could successfully co-operate in such a complex plan was shaken. For the first time Edwin P. Hoyt brings together the details of Operation Tiger and assess its importance both in the history of Anglo-American relations and in the military lessons which were learnt in readiness for D-Day.

About the Author
Edwin P. Hoyt has a long and distinguished career as a war correspondent, broadcaster and journalist. Latterly he has been a lecturer at the University of Hawaii. He is the author of many books about military history including Defeat at the Falklands, The Kamikazes and the U-Boat Wars
Author: Edwin P. Hoyt

Publisher: Express Newspapers

Anniversary edition reprint., paperback, unpaginated [131pp], half tone photo ills., facsimiles and maps throughout, oversize (10.5 x 8 inches approx.), pictorial wrappers, to commemorate the fortieth anniversary, a pictorial account of the invasion of Normandy in June, 1944, from the landing to the fall of Caen, a reprint of the original edition of 1954.
Author: Senan Molony
Genre: History
Publisher: Merlin Publishing

Author: Senan Molony
Genre: History
Publisher: Wolfhound Press

1st edition, Vary Rare. This first account of the role played by the Irish in the Titanic story is an exhaustively researched and, at times, controversial look at one of the key events of the last century, revealing much of the human minutiae of the story.
Author: Brian Patton
Genre: Reference
Publisher: Silver Link Publishing Ltd

Features a pictorial survey of the ports on both sides of the sea and the varied traffic between them - including that to and from the Isle of Man. This work covers ferries, mail ships, local services, cargo and cattle ships, tourism, cruising, and more.

Author: Jennet Conant
Genre: Subjects
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

During the desperate winter of 1940, as the threat of German invasion hung over England, the British government mounted a massive, secret campaign of propaganda to weaken the isolationist sentiment in America and manipulate the country into entering the war on England's behalf.

Under the command of the now legendary INTREPID, the British planted propaganda in American newspapers, covertly influenced radio stations and wire services, and plotted against American corporations doing business with the Third Reich. They also pushed President Roosevelt to create a similar covert intelligence agency in the US, and played a role in the selection of William Donovan as its head.

Now for the first time, with great research and reporting, Jennet Conant reveals that the beloved author Roald Dahl was a member of Churchill's infamous dirty tricks squad, and tells the full story of how he was recruited to spy on the Americans during World War II.
Author: GOODWYN, A.M.

Author: Adrian Ball
Genre: Business, Finance & Law
Publisher: Kenneth Mason Publications Ltd

Author: Author Here.

Author: Jonathan Fryer
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Fine cloth copy in a very good, slightly edge-nicked and dust-dulled dw, now mylar-sleeved. Remains particularly and surprisingly well-preserved overall; tight, bright, clean and strong.; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 300 pages; Physical description: 300p. ; 22cm. Subjects: Isherwood, Christopher, 1904-1986 - Biography. Authors, English - 20th century - Biography.
Author: Richard Danielson
Publisher: Maritime Publications

Author: Richard Danielson
Publisher: The author

Author: Adrian Searle
Genre: Subjects
Publisher: The Dovecote Press Ltd

Author: Jim Connell, Dick Whetstone
Genre: Subjects
Publisher: SB Publications

A second excursion into Islington's past, illustrated by old and rare picture postcards from the early years of this century. There are shops and pubs, theatres and churches, houses and street scenes, from Clerkenwell to the Archway, each one with a descriptive caption.
Author: Chris Draper
Genre: Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable
Publisher: London Borough of Islington - Islington Libraries

Illustrated - black & white plates
Author: F. George Kay
Publisher: Roy Publishers, Inc.

Author: F. George Kay
Genre: Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable
Publisher: John Baker

1st in the It's Made Like This series. 64 PP with 1 cut-away drawing of the Savannah, plus 24 pages with 35 bw photos.
Author: Mirror Series
Genre: History
Publisher: Trinity Mirror Series

Seventy years ago Britain went to war. After a series of threatening moves, Germanys invasion of Poland triggered the declaration of a conflict that would last six years and cost 73 million lives. It s War uses the Daily Mirror archives to reflect on how Britain prepared for the outbreak of war. Featuring incredible images and newspaper pages, it charts how the nation came together during a changing world situation. It also includes reproductions of the remarkable exclusive columns written by Winston Churchill for the Mirror in the build-up to war. It s War is a tribute to the men, women and children who found themselves thrust into the deadliest conflict in human history.
Author: Juliet Gardiner
Genre: History
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd

"War on the Home Front" takes you through the many facets of wartime Britain: from the Phoney War to the devastation of the Blitz; from the Home Guard and the Land Girls to the invasion of the Channel Islands and from evacuation and rationing to code-breaking and the eventual victory celebrations. With 100 illustrations and 10 removable documents, it offers a unique perspective of the era.